Practice of the Art

Rainbow Camp 2000 + 10 in Dinand, French Brittany

Across the World nowadays, a bunch of people want to restore the golden ages of Humanity, and celebrate the holy of Nature and the Gods.

They are called the Rainbow Family and they gather now and then, here and there, to live together their faith in better times coming forth…

Their Mantra is the OM and their rites are light as their beings…

They believe that we are One, a spiritual Body having a plurality of conscious and subjective experiences, which are meant to deepen the relation between the Higher Spirit and Its creation. They believe everything is Sacred, that even the darkest days are here for a purpose, the Better Understanding of Life towards Itself.

They worship the Moon, the Sun, and some lovers of the High, such as Christ, the Mayas and Mahomet, but most of all they worship Nature, and Its pantheon of spirits One could not even gather but the Great.

Rainbows all around !

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