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Sigils for Japan 2012

Hey hello, I reblog this from last year for I had posted it in a moment of great concern, for Japan, and had at this time, worked a lot magically for the offspring in Japan grounds that were threatened, deeply, with the nuclear waste problems. And as I can tell you now, this threat was hard on with bad people aiming at raising it, and actualy provoke a real disaster on there.

And as I can see now, the problems if still of issue, are yet on a move towards good, and relief, and peace, success assured for Japan !

Let me thank the robotic engineers who worked hard on solving the decisive question of how to actually clean the plant of Fukushima Daishi, hurt by the waves and which reactors 3 and 4, principally, were damaged.

I can tell you here another thing, that the imperial powers at the breach of 2011, had decided to facilitate a suffering chaos in this area (as in many other lands).

With their weather-like tools, mainly based on waves and signal constructions, the doomers, who wanted to utterly kill people before pole shift would be rather on, so they would not die themselves, doomers and what is called by me hidden treats to Humanity, with such tools they amplified the tsunami and expected then to provoke and fire at Japan, the worst-case scenario the bad guys would have tested there, in prevision of their narrow minded and long plotted bigger schedule of the end of civilisation.

Such ideas are not to be sought after any identified particular nation, ethnic, entitled group of political actors, or neither on a designated person we can name here, but it would more appropriate to conceive the problem, as a disease, a wound maybe, in the planetary intelligence, in what we experiment as our immediate spirit.

This illness is what sends drones in your skies, put chlorine and metals in your water, what buries chemicals in your forests, and adds poison to cigarets. It is or rather would be composed of what is called thought forms. It is fed by a bunch of people, of lower intent, whilst they merely pray for horror, to impeach their decisive fall-out.

The horror show, with explosions, suffering and panic, did not occur in Japan so far and it will never ! Neither, would it be so elsewhere. Anyone, you are safe, but now time has come to let them know the Earth is alive, and its children will know Happiness. We are a bunch of young spirits, and we want no fuss, no shame to be plagued upon our existence.

They guilty will pay for their vice and frustration, confusion, then remorse, are on their side from now on. No one could play with the Gods, the Elders, the Hierarchy, and cheat.

We are living in times of great change, and learn, friends, to adapt, for every things evolve constantly, void, fake, is opposition to a better state of being. That is what first christian reportedly called the Pearl. We are on an infinite journey on a ship in Space, the Universe, and we could only search, seek, for the Pearl of Wisdom. We are alive, and so will it be as long as our Faith in this also lives on.

The murderer cannot kill a soul but instead could lose his right to survive. That is a plain Law of attraction : would you be so bad at us, mister whose name will be forgotten, and who desired so he would threaten Humanity and Love, well you are then banished out of your own comfort zone, and this as strong as you merit it…

Back to the Love and Happiness, and Earth, I could say to you we little beings in the great Planes, have done our share to rejoice and realize how we are beauty, enjoyment, and wit. To my part I would add Life is always worth living and fighting for even in depth of sadness, or isolation, and this because it is a gift, which promises more light at each passing instant.

Blessed Be

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